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As the capital of Arizona, Phoenix stands as one of the main cities within the region and is the sixth most populous city across the entire United States of America. Therefore, it holds significant sway and control within the country – it stands as the anchor to the beautiful Valley of the Sun, and houses more than 4.3m people.

It was first settled in 1867 and since then has absolutely thrived as one of the most powerful industrial cities in the nation – it’s provided everything from cotton and copper to cattle and citrus, and even today the “Five C’s” (including climate) provide some of the main backbone for the people of Phoenix’ economy and industry.

However, it’s not all work and no play within Phoenix – it’s a city with an awesome night life and has plenty of historical figures and locations to go and see. It’s a city with a rich history in performing arts typically in downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix Symphony Hall and the Orpheum Theater are some of the most iconic parts of the city to visit and if you do enjoy your theater productions you should make a point of visiting either. They are constantly changing and improving their set so be sure to have a look in advance to find something that you’ll truly love!

Additionally, for those who enjoy a more measured night, the museums that are found throughout the area are absolutely sublime. The Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum, as well as the Arizona Science Center, are all well worth living. If you are somebody with an ear for tunes and music then the Musical Instrument Museum is worth checking out – it’s got the biggest collection on the planet.

In terms of other things to do, the tourist industry is absolutely booming so getting tour guides for just about every big main event building within the city is an absolute doddle. This makes finding something fun to do much easier than ever before – there’s more than 500 hotels to pick from, too, so finding somewhere to stay isn’t going to be too tough for you either.

The climate and friendly atmosphere around the city makes it a huge tourist hot spot with plenty of historical information, museums and leisure centers to be visited along the way. It’s a city with a rich and historical culture, forever changing and growing to develop even further. Looking for somewhere interesting to come this year? Then few places give you the same range of things to do, see and enjoy than Phoenix – it’s definitely up there with some of the finest cities on the planet.