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A city in both the Maricopa and the Yavapai counties in Arizona, Peoria is a city with around 154,000 inhabitants and acts as one of the major suburb areas of Phoenix, the main city in the state. The sixth largest city by land area in the state, and the ninth largest for population, it was named after Peoria, Illinois, and has become a more populous town than its original namesake!

It was listed in2008 by Money magazine as one of the Top 100 places to live and if you ever visit, you’ll be able to see why! It’s incredibly friendly and the overall layout and quality of the city makes it a truly welcome place to come by. It sits on the sloping desert of the Salt River Valley, giving you a stunning view to come upon. It also runs off into the mountains to the north, creating a truly picturesque town.

The city itself has a bright history from here on in with many updates and changes occurring over the years, with many new developments since the turn of the century helping to establish it as one of the most enjoyable places to live in the whole of the US. The Old Town has been restored drastically in recent years, creating a far more hospitable place to live that has a fine blend of modern class and old-school quality to make a town that blends together perfectly.

Various local hotspots are found within the National Register of Historical Places such as the Peoria Central School which was first built in 1906. It’s occupied by the Arizona Historical Society Museum. Other national treasures include the 1889 Town Well and the Peoria High School, which has stood for nearly a century after being built in 1922.

This is a town with plenty of history and lots to look back on, as well as a bright future that see’s many economic markets moving into the city to settle and a steady, positive growth rate within the city itself making it one of the most comfortable places to live at the moment in Arizona.